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They began running into cashflow problems and in subsequent months started defaulting in their payments to hotel villas in Indonesia and Thailand. VentureBeat writer Rakesh Agrawal claimed to have receive many emails from small businesses alleging that Groupon had not paid them for weeks and that the sales rep had threatened to sue. As a result, a Facebook page was even created by troubled customers looking to compare notes. It took six months for the legal team to prepare their case. The nasdaqlisted company has declined to comment on this story. Groupon is currently embroiled in a legal wrangle with Villas International. Unless they succeed in appealing, essentially ruling that Groupon would have to pay the company SGD 290K according to what was filed in the counterclaim. The court entered an interim judgment against the daily deals company.

And it will only increase Groupons adverse selection problems. According to Villas lawyers, mira and Feroz engaged law firm Colin Ng Partners to appeal against the injunction. The company had listed deals holmes en masse in dozens of daily deals sites without knowing that most of their payments would be significantly delayed. Merchants wont want to take that risk. But filing a lawsuit would be suicidal for Groupon. Since the plaintiffs were all foreign and Groupon Singapore was not a party in the case. The business was dealt a death blow.

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If true, they could not withdraw cash from the hotel berlin groupon bank account or liquidate their assets. Part of that lawsuit was a Mareva Injunction on Villas. This meant that while the defendants could continue running the business. The case with Villas could very well be the first. While the business model is straightforward. Terence Lee is the editor at SG Entrepreneurs. Trouble started a year into operations. This may not the first time Groupon has delayed paying merchants or used legal threats to bring them in line with its policies. A media and research firm focused on trends and opportunities in the Internet technology space in Asia..

But fashionsisters gutschein it has yet to be heard by the court. This, said Mira, whose owners estimate that between SGD 500K and SGD 1M has been owed to them by various daily deals sites. Rental costs, drove the company into unsustainability in a short span of time. In addition to salaries for its nine employees. And a contract clause with hotels stating that the company must pay them in the event of noshows. But the deadline on the 5th June passed by without a word from Groupon. The delayed payments signaled the beginning of the end for Villas. Groupon has appealed the decision, only one deal went through.

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